Beauty Shoot

Elaine’s Beauty Shoot Experience

The service I provide is a very personalised one and for me to take great photographs, I have to get to know my clients and become friendly with them. I don’t just become friendly to take great photos mind you. I am genuinely interested in my clients and love to hear their life stories and get to know the person for real. I believe that if clients don’t leave my studio feeling like my friend, then I haven’t done my job properly.

I have had many fantastic ladies come through my studio door and I have been both inspired and amazed by some of their stories.

A lady who stands out in my mind was Elaine. She made an impression on me as soon as she got in touch about a beauty shoot experience and I was extremely excited to photograph her. Her reasoning for wanting a shoot was to embrace the stage in life she was at. She hadn’t had professional photographs taken in over 20 years.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Elaine. She had many stories to tell and obviously had a passion in living her life to the full. This is a quality that I deeply admire in people.

The Photo Shoot Session

We took many photographs throughout her session. She had brought a wide selection of clothing with her, which really showed off her personality. We then also selected a few items from my studio wardrobe and added these in to compliment her items.

Although I have a strong style to my photographs, I am always sure to portray the clients’ personality in their images. Prior to the shoot, all my clients’ receive a styling consultation, where we discuss the types of images they would like to achieve within their photos. Elaine had a very strong sense

I was sad when Elaine’s photoshoot was finished and I couldn’t wait to welcome her back for her Reveal session, where she could view all of her finished images.

The Reveal Session

I was absolutely blown away when Elaine arrived for the Reveal. Elaine had written the most amazing account of her experience at my studio. I was overwhelmed when I read it and simply have to share it with you all. She also brought me photographs, from her last professional photoshoot, which she has referred to in her account. It was interesting to see how photography has changed.

Elaine left my studio with beautiful framed and boxed prints. One was a gift for her mum and the rest to keep for herself.

I am so glad that Elaine chose to TAKE THE TIME to visit my studio. She was an absolute pleasure to meet and a lady who will remain in my memory for a long time to come.

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