September 4, 2019

Elaine’s experience

I had the greatest pleasure welcoming Elaine back to the studio today, so that she could collect her beautiful framed and boxed prints.

The service I provide is a very personalised one and for me to take great photographs, I have to get to know my clients and become friendly with them.
If clients don’t leave my studio feeling like my friend, then I haven’t done my job properly. Elaine was by no means an exception to this rule and she made an amazing impression on me during her photo shoot. She had many stories to tell and obviously had a passion in living her life to the full. This is a quality that I deeply admire in people.

I had mixed emotions about seeing Elaine again today as it was potentially going to be our last meeting. I was absolutely blown away with what Elaine brought with her though and we ended up putting the kettle on and chatting for some time.

Elaine had written the most amazing account of her experience at my studio. I was overwhelmed when I read it and simply had to share it with you all. She also brought me photographs, from her last professional photoshoot, which she has referred to in her account. It was interesting to see how photography has changed.


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