October 23, 2019

Maya’s Dance Shoot

Dance shoots are one of my favourite photography sessions, especially when the model is as cute as Maya.

Maya came along to the studio with her mum (Helen) and her Grandma (Catherine). It was a special day, not just because Maya was having her photographs taken but because it was also Grandma’s birthday.

We had prosecco (Maya had orange juice of course!!) and nibbles to celebrate Grandma’s birthday and lots of fun and giggles whilst we were taking photos.

I always advise clients to bring plenty of outfits to change into. Maya had brought a ton of pretty things to wear.  She had all sorts of different coloured leotards and hair accessories to choose from, which made the shoot so much easier.

With Maya being so young, we stuck to a lot of seated poses, which she just pulled off so effortlessly. She had so much style and grace for a 7 year old and I really can see her being a prima ballerina when she gets older. I just hope she will still want her pictures taking by me.



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